Wednesday, September 8, 2010

EU Fizzling [ or about to "Fizzle Out" Completely? ]

EU Fizzling- or about to "Fizzle Out" Completely?

Another excellent thought provoking article from the Daily Bell, a free, free market daily newsletter.
"Daily Bell" article located here


Onebornfree's commentary:

Truth be told, no one can predict the future- no matter how corrupt you and i might think the EU is, or how much you think you might know about economics, the way of the world, or how much you pay your investment advisor/money manager etc. etc.

The EU might collapse next month, next year, or it might stagger on for another 20 years or more.

Therefor, perhaps it makes sense for the concerned individual to look for simple ways to short the Euro, [using _only_ money they can afford to lose], or to make some other speculation based on the assumption of the EU possibly imploding at some point in the near future, _again_, always only using money one can afford to lose.

Meanwhile, money that an individual cannot afford to lose [i.e long term savings for retirement etc.] must be saved in such a way that it it is both largely immune to unforeseen [and unforseeable!] future economic scenarios, yet at the same capable of consistent growth above and beyond the rate of inflation.

Such a plan is both simple, and possible for the concerned individual.
See: "Financial Safety Rule#1":

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