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Strategic Speculation: How To Enjoy Huge Profits Without Losing Your Shirt

Successful Speculations- The Need For a Clear Strategy.

Most speculators do not have a specific strategy. Current holdings are therefore the result of individual impulsive buy decisions  of anything that seemed good enough at the time.

10 Common Symptoms You Might Suffer For Having No Clearly Defined Strategy For Your Speculations

If this [no strategy] is true for you, you might well be subject to the following "symptoms" .

1]  Because you have no consistent standard for buying in, you are likely to be subject to the call of any/every new scheme, system or proposal that soungs reasonable at the time. Without a specific strategy you are unable to go through an individual new scheme and evaluate it as to whether it really makes sense and will suit your own needs at the time.

2]  Because, without a strategy there is no way to know in advance when you might get out/cut losses, there is no way in advance to know how much you might lose.

3] You hold on to a losing speculation "forever", forever hoping that it will turn around and you will recoup your losses.

4] You have no way to decide in advance as to whether margin buying would be wise in any particular case , or not.

5]  Lacking a specific plan,you are forced to trust your own, or an advisors ability to know if your latest speculation is in a rising or falling trend at any time, or whether it is close to a top, or a bottom, or whether one event will lead to imagined event two and then three, and so on.

6]  You are easily frightned into frantic impulse buys by catch phrases such as "once in a lifetime oppurtunity", or "cannot afford to miss the boat" and similar.

7]  Every past speculation is in need of daily attention, so that your life is taken over by those prior decisions, and you are unable to enjoy other parts of your life because your plan does not take care of itself- every new change in the market needs to be considered in light of the latest announcement of the days news.

8]  You make choices that appear to actually work against previous buy/sell decisions.

9]  Your buy/sell decisions are being made using someone elses values and capabilities, instead of your own.

10]  You are always wondering whether or not you made the right buy/sell decision simply because you lack a clear standard for evaluating such decisions.

"Shot In the Dark" Speculations

Speculating without a firm strategy is like placing random bets at whim on a roulette wheel, or  the proverbial "shot in the dark" - although you might win on occasion, unless you are blessed with more than your fair share of good luck, in the long run you will lose more than you gain.

No system will can prevent losses, but a good one will limit them, and , at the same time make for opportunities to enjoy gains that greatly overshadow the losses you must inevitably endure every now and then.

Book Details: "Strategic Speculations: How To Enjoy Huge Profits Without Losing Your Shirt"

My short book "Strategic Speculations: How To Enjoy Huge Profits Without Losing Your Shirt", is a short "how to"  book that exposes the unvarnished truth about the differences between "investing" and "speculating" , and shows the interested person how, by following various fundamental, clear, easily understood principles for speculation, they might safely profit from timely, prudent speculations [bets]  in various markets, and in certain cases be able to make/enjoy huge profits/gains. 

The book covers the following topics: 

1] Why a well defined strategy is needed

2] Defining your motive for each investment

3] Why losses can often turn out to be much bigger than seemed possible.

4] How to limit losses.

5] Estimating potential gains.

6] How to judge whether or not the reward justifies the risk involved [reward/risk ratio]

7] Why speculations should only be undertaken when the potential for large gains is there.

8] Large gains- the necessary conditions

9] Determining stop-loss placement

10] Problems with stop-losses

11] When to forget a stop-loss

12] Buying at the right price to reduce risk

13] Using support-resistance levels as a buying guide.

14] How to buy into arising trend

15] Improving chances with limit orders.

16] When to sell at a profit

17] How to let profits run and cut losses short

18]  How to decide whether or not to hold on to an investment you would not buy under present conditions

19]  How to evaluate options

20] How to decide how much to alloate to a particular speculation.

21] When is buying on margin safe?

22] What  investment catergories work best for speculations?

23] The role of intuition

24] The difference between losses and mistakes.

25] Starting in speculation

26] Using other strategies and systems. 


Book [pdf file]: "Strategic Speculations: How To Enjoy Huge Profits Without Losing Your Shirt" 

Price:  $ 195 

To Order: 

"Strategic Speculations: How To Enjoy Huge Profits Without Losing Your Shirt" is available as a pdf file sent via email after your payment of $195 has been received [Paypal, or cash, no checks] .

To order email : onebornfree at yahoo dot com 

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