Monday, January 30, 2017

Will The Yellen Fed Cause a Trump Recession?

Ms. Janet Yellen. Fed Chair since Feb. 3rd 2014

The graph below explains the title of this post.

 Obviously, the Fed under Janet Yellen has been gradually decreasing the Monetary Base [MB], that is, the most narrow, generally considered most liquid, money supply figure, since at least the 3rd quarter of 2016:

Fig. 1: Federal Reserve Monetary Base, Non-Seasonally Adjusted, [Fed Chair J. Yellen], 
 January 2014 - December 2016, Millions of $'s, Log scale

Financial Safety Services Commentary:

Exactly What Does The Fed's  Monetary Tightening Mean?: 

It could mean that a recession, at the very least, is on the way during the new  presidents [Donald Trump] first term. [ Basically, a recession within an  ongoing recession/depression]. 

It is impossible to know for certain, and  the picture becomes ever more cloudy if we go back and look at the enormous monetary base  manipulations that have occurred since 2008 [ via Ms. Yellen's predecessor, Ben Bernanke]:

Fig. 2: Monetary Base [MB] , Millions of $'s, Non-Seasonally Adjusted, Federal Reserve, '07- Dec.2016, Log. Scale

Will this more recent tightening under Yellen have any effect on dampening the  effects of the massive Fed monetary base injections of the recent past? Maybe, maybe not. The longer the tightening continues, the more likely it is to actually have an effect and initiate a "Trump recession", in theory at least. 

Good News!

However, here is some good news: it is entirely unnecessary  for  you to have to try to predict/forecast future economic events from graphs [or similar], or to have to rely on [and pay] someone else to do that for you. 

A real world fact: the economic future cannot be accurately predicted via any graph, no matter who constructed it,  or what it claims to show. If you need to know why that is so, then for a very large fee, I can explain to you exactly why all graphs are useless for predicting future economic events.  :-)  

So, if you are worried about your own savings either because of, or despite what is revealed in these graphs/figures, here is some free advice on how to best protect your savings etc.

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Three More [Broader], Money Supply Graphs :

Fig. 3: M1 Money Supply, Non-Seasonally Adjusted,  Billions of $'s, Federal Reserve, '07- Dec.2016, Log. Scale

 Fig. 4: M2 Money Supply, Non-Seasonally Adjusted,  Billions of $'s, Federal Reserve, '07- Dec.2016, Log. Scale

Fig. 5: MZM Money Supply, Non-Seasonally Adjusted,  Billions of $'s, Federal Reserve, '07- Dec.2016, Log. Scale

Interest Rates: 

Fig. 6 U.S. 3 month Treasury Bill Interest Rates, January '07-December '16, Monthly Averages, 
Log scale

Fig. 7:U.S. 10 year Treasury Bond Interest Rates, January '07-December '16, Monthly Averages, 
Log scale.

 Fig. 8:U.S. 30 year Treasury Bond Interest Rates, January '07-December '16, Monthly Averages, 
Log scale.

Monday, January 23, 2017

George Soros Versus "The World's Best Kept Investment Secret"

George Soros Versus "The World's Best Kept Investment Secret":

Financial Safety Services disclaimer

[n.b. this post is in no way an endorsement by myself of Mr. Soros, nor of his  personal political philosophy and goals]

Onebornfree's Financial Safety Services commentary: 

Now you might think that a person as rich as Mr Soros would have access to the best financial/investment advice in the world, but apparently not. He's reported to have lost around $1 billion in the Brexit outcome, and another $1 billion betting against the "Trump bump" [ the temporary increase in US stock indices after Trumps win]. He obviously has no idea of what amounts to "the world's best kept investment secret". Any reader out there who personally knows Mr Soros :-) ; please ask him to contact me so I can enlighten/elucidate him on that secret, so that he would never again suffer these types of losses. :

George Soros lost nearly $1 billion when Donald Trump won:

"Billionaire hedge-fund manager and Hillary Clinton supporter George Soros bet against the stock market’s reaction to the election of President-elect Donald Trump and lost almost $1 billion in the process, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday"............: ... trump-won/

"The Trump Bump": The Standard & Poors 500 Index- October 2016 -January 2017
[Click on image to enlarge]

"How George Soros Lost Money In a Bad Brexit Bet":

"Perhaps George Soros should go back into retirement.

It appears the 85-year-old lost money betting that the British pound would rise in the wake of the Brexit vote. A Soros spokesperson confirm to Bloomberg that the octogenarian's fund was "long" the pound even after the vote. The fact that Soros lost money betting on the pound is surprising not only because he famously made a billion dollars "breaking the pound" back in 1992, but also because he predicting a drop in the sterling would happen...":

British Pound/ $US Exchange Rates, June 01, 2016 - January 2017 [Click on image to enlarge]

Can't Afford To Lose Big Like Mr Soros, Dear Reader? 

To perhaps entirely avoid your own financial ruin, please go  here for free information!

                      Above: US Standard and Poors 500 Index, '07-'17. [Click on image to enlarge]

Regards, Onebornfree
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