Tuesday, August 22, 2017

3 Experts Predict Stock Market Collapse in 2017

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A Fact of Reality: Beware of All "Experts" Economic Predictions 

An unfortunate fact of reality for the saver/investor is that no person, system, or computer program can reliably and consistently predict future economic events, or the future prices of anything. Which means that relying on the predictions of these "experts" [or others] in order to make your precious savings safer, or as a way to make money, is a fools game. [Of course, you are free to stay in denial of this fact of reality for as long as you wish :-) ]

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                                   Fig.1: Gold price versus $US- 2007-2017. Monthly, Log scale.

Financial Safety Services Disclaimer

                                          Addendum: Additional Financial Graphs:

 Fig.2: Federal Reserve Monetary base [MB], 1960-2017, monthly,log. scale, none-seasonally adjusted.

     Fig.3:Federal Reserve 30 year bond yields,constant maturity, monthly, none-seasonally adjusted. 1976 -2017

Fig.4:Federal Reserve 3 month T-bill yields, constant maturity, monthly, none-seasonally adjusted.1976-2017.

    Fig.5: Federal Reserve M1 money stock, billions of $'s,  monthly, none-seasonally adjusted, log. scale. 1960- 2017.

Fig.6: Federal Reserve M2 money stock, billions of $'s,  monthly, none-seasonally adjusted, log. scale. 1960- 2017.

 Fig.7:Federal Reserve MZM money stock, billions of $'s,  monthly,none-seasonally adjusted,
 log. scale. 1960- 2017.

             Fig. 8: Standard and Poors 500 Stock Index closing prices, monthly, 2012-17 . Log. scale

            Fig.9: Dow Jones Industrials Stock Index, Monthly closing prices, 2012-17. Log scale.

            Fig. 10: NADAQ Composite Stock Index closing prices, monthly, 2012-17. Log. scale

                           Fig.11: Exchange rate: $US  versus  1 Euro, monthly. 1998- 2017