Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bill Bonner :"Too Early for “Inflation Bets”?"

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Bill Bonner now asks :"Too Early for “Inflation Bets”?"
"After 35 years of waiting… so many false signals… so often deceived… so often disappointed… bond bears gathered on rooftops as though awaiting the Second Coming.

Many times, investors have said to themselves, “This is it! This is the end of the Great Bull Market in Bonds!”

And then, at the appointed hour, expecting the rapture… they took the leap of faith… only to come crashing down on the rocks below.

The Trump Trade

In 2008, in 2012, in 2014… Each time, the market made fools of them.
Now, weary… wary… and nearly broke… they make their bets as though they were setting an explosive charge at a federal building........"
Onebornfree commentary:

Of course, if those "weary… wary… and nearly broke" persons had only made their bets on inflation with money they could realistically afford to lose, and kept the money they could not afford to lose in a long term savings plan similar to this one:

http://onebornfreesfinancialsafetyrepor ... pdate.html

..... then they would not be now so "weary… wary… and nearly broke", but perhaps ready to try yet another bet on the return of inflation, using, of course, money they could afford to lose [assuming they had any].

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