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Long Term Savings Plan Results Update [1972- 2011]

[Financial Safety Services commentary: this is a repost of an article posted here a number of years ago, the only difference being that the results for the Long Term Savings plan  have now been updated to show results through 2011, instead of ending at 2004. Regards, onebornfree.]
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Fig.1: Long-term savings plan results 1972-2011, starting with 
                                              a $10,000 investment in the plan.                                                                      
[Click on image to enlarge] .
                   N.B. : numerical results for this chart are given at the bottom of this page.
                 Graph Key:
            Long term savings plan
..............      = Stocks
- - - - - - -   =   Bonds

- - - - - - - -   =  Gold
                                        - - - - - - - -  =  Cash

Financial Safety and Investment Truth That You Don't Want to Hear:

Financial Safety Rule #1 says: " despite many claims to the contrary, no one, not even your favorite economist or investment advisor, can reliably, and consistently, predict future economic events."

That being the case, in order to broadly protect your savings from unforeseen and unforeseeable economic events/scenarios, you must take two very important steps:

Financial Safety Step [1]:

divide your savings into two distinct, not to be mixed, categories:

a] money that you cannot afford to lose.

b] money you can afford to lose.

If you have no money for category [b], don't worry, it is not as important, category [a] is much more important as it will contain long term savings for retirement etc.

Financial Safety Step [2]:

having completed step [1], you must then set about constructing a long term savings plan for the money you cannot afford to lose [a], one that broadly self-protects/ insures itself against unforeseen economic events [i.e recession, deflation,hyper inflation etc.] as far as possible without you having to do any daily, weekly or monthly buying, selling or trading, and without the need for you to make predictions about future economic events, and which boasts the inflation beating results shown in the graph above for the long-term savings plan that I have personally recommended for more than 20 years, and that is, at the same time, also able to automatically profit from those unforeseen "economic good times" if and when they occur in that unknown future.

This plan has produced annual gains averaging between 6-9% above the annual rate of inflation for 30 + years, with no buying or selling involved outside a once per end of the year buy/sell re-adjustment to restore percentage allocations for each investment class back to their original, beginning of year allocations .

If you are seriously interested in such a long term savings plan, let me know.*

Do You Have Money You Can Afford To Lose?

Also, if after taking financial safety steps 1] and 2] you find that you have money that you can afford to lose [category [b]], and need some guidelines for safe speculation, let me know.

For more truth that you probably don't want to know, stay tuned to this blog!


                                                                                                                         Total Return                Growth with
     Year          Stocks               Bonds          Cash       Gold            Long -Term                         Long- Term
                                                                                                                  Savings Plan                 Savings Plan

More About Financial Safety Services

Financial Safety Services is a private , mostly off-line consulting service that attempts to show its real-time [i.e. non-internet derived] clients how to speculate safely with money that they can afford to lose. Money that the client cannot afford to lose should never be risked in these speculations

Nearly all of Financial Safety Services clients to date have been found via direct [i.e off-line, in-person] referral from previously satisfied clients only.

No attempts are made to procure clientele via the selling of the sporadic, incomplete online information posted at this site. All valuable information is sold to clients, via e-mail, or preferably in person, on a "need to know" customized basis, depending on their specific speculative wants/needs.

Therefor any/all posts at this site are for the reference and possible benefit of pre-existing , real-world, paying clients only as part of my services [and to perhaps help emphasize a particular point I make to them in private], and never for the benefit of the general reading public and casual internet reader at large. Internet posts are therfor not made on a regular schedule in order to build an on-line audience; only when I feel that so doing is beneficial to my actual existing clientele.

I likewise have no interest in gaining clients first hand from any posts made either here or elsewhere [if it happens, it happens!] - to date [20 years+], nearly all of my previous clients have come to me via direct, in-person referral from other satisfied clients- that is, [1]an existing client personally recommends my services to a close friend, [2] the friend contacts me, [3]we discuss their wants/needs, [4] I make a decision as to whether or not I can really help them, [5] We come to a financial agreement- or not :-) .

None- Client Questions?

Should a casual reader/none client have a serious question about an assertion I make at this site they must write to me at: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom and I will do my best to answer their question. Their first question will usually be answered for free. After that, fees may apply.

Current Client Questions.

All existing, paying client questions are of course, answered for free [usually via private e-mail]- it is part of the service!

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